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Integrated reporting is a journey. There are many, many companies in the U.S. on this journey. This list of sample reports was updated in 2023 and provides examples of the diverse approaches taken by U.S. companies up to that date (see the footnotes at the bottom of this page for explanation of the report types and for a link to the international examples database). 

Please let us know if there is an organization whose reporting should be included here. 

* notes

There are many approaches in the U.S. for integrated reporting. This directory distinguishes four approaches:

  1. Annual Report - These integrated reports function as the company's annual report to its shareholders (issued separately from the 10-K).
  2. 10-K - This is a new category of companies bringing integrated principles directly into the 10-K.
  3. Summary Report - This is a separate but brief (15-65 pages) integrated report for shareholders that often refers back to detailed financial and sustainability reports
  4. Financial Cover Report - Where a full annual report isn't issued, these integrated reports are used as a short (often less than 15 pages) introduction to the company's 10-K/financial reporting for shareholders.
  5. Sustainability Report - These are long form integrated sustainability or corporate social responsibility reports that are issued separately from the company's financial/annual reporting to shareholders. Except where noted, these reports are not provided on the company's investor relations web pages.
There is also an extensive international database at the IFRS of Recognized Reports and Report Examples searchable by region, industry and year.  
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